how to get your

medical marijuana card

Getting your patient card

There are four different types of Patient cards currently available from the OMMA.

Adult Patient

Allows an individual with an approved application to legally buy, use & grow medical marijuana & medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.

Minor Patient

Allows an individual under the age of 18 to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana & medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.


Allows an individual designated by a patient ~ or a minor patient’s parent or legal guardian — to assist the patient with the purchase, application and administration of medical marijuana.

Temporary Patient

Allows an individual with a valid medical marijuana license from another state to legally buy, use and grow medical marijuana and medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.

To receive a patient card from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, you will need to do the following things:

  1.  Decide which patient card is for you.
  2. Bring a list of medications you currently take to bring to the physician.
  3. Be prepared to prove Oklahoma residency. Bring valid Oklahoma state drivers license, Oklahoma state ID, or passport.
  4. Consider what medical conditions you are seeking to treat with medical marijuana and make a list for your physician. A few examples are:
    • –  Inflammation
    • –  PTSD
    • –  Anxiety
    • –  Fibromyalgia
    • –  Epilepsy / Seizures
    • –  Cancer
    • –  Neuropathy
    • –  Loss of appetite
    • –  Depression
    • –  Insomnia
    • –  Crohn’s disease
    • –  Terminal illness
    • –  HIV / AIDS
    • –  Plantar fasciitis
    • –  Glaucoma
    • – Alzheimers disease
    • – Parkinson’s disease
  5. A passport photo for your OMMA ID card. The OMMA requires a passport photo with the patient standing against a plain white background. You may wear a shirt of any color other than white. Pictures will not be accepted if your shirt is white.
  6. Request to have your doctor sign an OMMA recommendation form. If your physician is not registered with the OMMA, you can make an appointment with an OMMA registered physician by calling 405-237-2726
Physician fees vary from doctor to doctor and are most often payable in cash. The OMMA website fees are only payable by credit or debit cards that bear the Visa, Master Card, or Discover logos.
APCO MED medical marijuana dispensary store and meditation centers regularly hold patient drives with OMMA registered physicians every Friday. If you attend any of our APCO MED patient drives, our team will prepare your application, take your photo and upload your application for free!


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