How can I contact you?

Stop in and see us in OKC’s Uptown District at 313 NW 23rd Street. Give us a call at (405) 237-2726.  Drop us an email at askapco@apcomedical.com.

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Is this the same “APCO” where my parents and grandparents used to buy gas for their cars?

Not exactly. The current owners of APCO  MED are the great-grandchildren of J. Steve Anderson, founder of Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation in 1919, which later became APCO Oil Corporation. They are carrying on his legacy in Oklahoma business with APCO MED medical marijuana dispensary stores across Oklahoma and beyond.

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Should I tell my primary care physician I’m considering cannabis as an alternative treatment to traditional treatment (i.e. prescription or over-the-counter medications)?

Absolutely!  As your doctor, he or she needs to know all of the medications you plan to take or are already using in order to avoid any counter-indications or problems resulting from ingesting different medications that could cause issues for you.  For example, taking certain medications together can cause many problems, including undesirable side effects and even death.

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What is the difference between CBD and THC?

THC is the psychotropic component in cannabis that gives you an intoxicating feeling of being “high”. It is also a federally scheduled or controlled substance. CBD is a non-psychotropic component in cannabis.  CBD is not a federally controlled supplement. You do not need a doctor’s recommendation or special license to purchase it. However, most patients benefit from using THC and CBD together as they are more effective treating symptoms than when they are taken individually.  This is known as the “Entourage Effect”.

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How do I get an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient card?

APCO MED Dispensary hosts Patient Rallies every Friday afternoon from noon-6pm, at which you can get a physician recommendation and assistance with the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) online application processing and uploading procedure.

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Do I need to have an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient card to enter your establishment?


No. Our  5000+ square foot CBD Lounge is open to adults 21 and over. You would only need a patient card or caregiver’s card to enter APCO’s THC VIP Suite.

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Where are you located?

The APCO Group is located at 313 NW 23rd Street in the Uptown District of Oklahoma City.

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At APCO, we believe our patients come first.  Our Patient Care Consultants are highly trained, experienced in customer service and knowledgeable about our products and the various medical conditions which can be addressed and treated by them. We also offer free WiFi and beverages.

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What is APCO?

APCO MED Dispensary is a multi-service business including:

  • medical marijuana dispensary (APCO’s VIP THC Suite);
  • CBD lounge, featuring Tokie Tees apparel, #STFU (Pot Brothers at Law) merchandise, APCO gear, and other cannabis industry “swag”;
  • rotating cannabis-themed art featuring work by local Oklahoma artists, curated and installed by local art brokerage house Ganjartestry;
  • guided meditation led by experienced practitioner Lauree Dash in our Yoga Nidra meditation studio;
  • our “Wall of Glass”, offering many different dab rigs, glass ware for medicating, wax vapes, etc.;
  • Saturday Songwriters’ Series”, live music by local artists from 1-4pm each Saturday;
  • Patient Rallies (with physician recommendations and assisted OMMA online application processing) every Friday from noon-6pm; and much more!

APCO…more than just a dispensary!

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