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“Yogic Sleep.” This 45 minute guided Tantric meditation, practiced lying down, facilitates deep relaxation and transformation. Yoga Nidra is an effortless meditation that teaches the body, the mind and the emotions to fully let go, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and reminding us what deep relaxation truly feels like. This is a very specific 8-stage, systematic practice designed to slow down the brain waves and bring about a hypna-yogic state of consciousness. It is within this non-doing state, that deep healing and recovery is possible, personal intentions are worked with, and true inner transformation is possible. Many of my clients have chronic illnesses or live with chronic pain and are unable to sit and meditate but they can lie down and easily do this practice. Beyond the amazing healing and recovery applications, Yoga Nidra is also great for day-to-day stress management, sleep issues, PTSD, anxiety/burnout, or for anyone who simply needs a break!


About Lauree



    Born and raised in the NYC area, Lauree began her career as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer. She transformed her love of health and fitness into a 20-year career as an Executive Producer in Broadcast Television and Digital. After launching a website in Silicon Valley, 5 years at “Access Hollywood,“ two Emmy nominations and a Daytime Emmy win for launching “The Doctors,” years in Development at ABC where she helped launch Tyra Banks’ FABLife, a Webby Honor for the digital series “She Talks,” and finally, Executive Producing AwesomenessTV’s digital studio for moms, “Awestruck,” Lauree decided a massive life-change was necessary.

   But there is more to this story…In 2011, Lauree’s husband of 20 years, Indie actor and filmmaker Ford Austin, was in a catastrophic car accident in Los Angeles. Catastrophic as in died 3 times, had a full-on Near Death Experience, and was given a 1% chance of survival. Almost every system in his body was affected and after 2 weeks in a coma, it was 6 more weeks until he could finally breathe air on his own. After countless surgeries, on both coasts, over the course of 3 years, and through amazing medical care and the grace of God, Ford made a miraculous recovery. After so many years of advocating for her husband’s care, going back to the producing life of perfectionist behavior, stressed out-sleepless-nights, 4- am panicked wake-ups, and a constant desire for external validation just didn’t feel right anymore. In addition, she was left with her own delayed PTSD. During Ford’s recovery she was so busy taking care of his needs, that it wasn’t until he was well that she was able to process her own emotional recovery. Her own healing would ultimately open up a path that would lead to helping others.


    Lauree quit her job and enrolled in an extensive meditation teacher training program at “The Den” Meditation Studio in Los Angeles taught by Hilary JackendoffChandresh Bhardwaj, and Heather Prete. It was during this training that all of the intense fears she still held about losing her husband came to the surface. Her teacher Hilary, introduced her to the ancient Tantric healing meditation practice of Yoga Nidra. She found it to be incredibly healing and transformative in her life, and immediately felt called to learn and teach this powerful meditation. She is grateful to have the opportunity to share it in Oklahoma City where she currently teaches at Soul Yoga and in private practice with clients that are elite athletes, populations struggling with chronic conditions like MS and Parkinson’s, as well as Type A- high-functioning executives and multitasking moms. Lauree continues her studies privately in Tantric Meditation with The Yogini Ashram in California and she is committed to continued growth and service.


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